DADiSP reviews

DADiSP reviews by customers worldwide

“… you don’t have to write a program; you can just sit down and crunch through the data using DADiSP” – Dr Fred Looft, Worcester Polytechnical Institute


“Having one software package that integrates a lot of functions…is a great advantage.” – Brian Wiedner, Penn State


“DADiSP will play a significant role in our ongoing research.” – Dr Philip Walker, UCSB


“The next time you turn on the TV and see a Winston Cup race…realise DADiSP helps us run up front.” – Mark Harrah, Jasper Engines


“DADiSP makes it possible for an engineer to hit the button to turn the program on at the end of the day, walk out of here, then come in the morning and find the work all done.” – Rich Bond, Ford Heavy Truck


“DADiSP’s ease-of-use is one of its most important features.” – Dr Russel Davis, University of California


“One of my favorite features of DADiSP is its ability to alter waveforms using array mathematics.” – Dr Charles Henry, University of Connecticut


“DADiSP makes this kind of analysis very easy to do, so that I only have to worry about the science, not the programming.” – Dr Dan Davison, University of Houston


“…data analysis with DADiSP has been, and continues to be, a pleasure for our research group.” – Ulysses J Balis, MD, Mass General Hospital


“With DADiSP we can investigate the process of handwriting in detail.” – Littleton Meeks, Meeks Associates, Inc.


“There is tremendous potential for DADiSP in health science research.” – Dr Rick Roark, New York Medical College


“DADiSP is simplicity in itself to use.” – Dr Steven Evans, Long Island Jewish Medical Center


“DADiSP allows me to visualise the signal and make fast, accurate measurements.” – Dr Jeffrey E. Byrne, Bristol-Myers Squibb


“I can demonstrate things to them and say, `I didn’t have to write a program to show you this.'” – Dr Fred Looft, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Ref: Mathtype 6.6a. I love this product, thanks for decent support on this software

JT, Derbyshire, UK

Excellent! Very much appreciated how the content was tailored to our needs.

Thanks for the quick response. I want to keep this software because your service is incredible….You truly have exceptional service in the software world.

PG, London, UK

Both days were time and money well spent

PA, Glenrothes, UK